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my man crush everyday☺️🐨
He’s getting there. Training him to make as much ugly faces I can do😂☺️🙊
Babe wasn’t ready😂 smh. We trynna be thugs doe.
My koala☺️☺️🐨
Spring Formal with Lucas!🌹
The hat throws it off and my cross eye was a fail. Lol, but u had such a great time with this guy at formal☺️🐨
These boys came to the showcase to watch and support, love them for that! They all get cookies lol, keeding, but I appreciate them so much❤️
I swear, I take really normal photos too😂😂
Too bright😝✨
I like this photos😍
Pyramid with my loves❤️
Happy Birthday Jigga, concept video coming soon.🎥
Are we scary or nah?💀💀💋
Happy Birthday to one of my littles, King Randaulf! Growing up so fast, love this boy to death, he’s taller than me😭💙🎉🍰